Nitten at the Steading 2022

On Sunday night (6th November) we held our annual club meal at the Steading in Edinburgh. As we’ve come to expect from the Steading, the food was excellent and the kitchen and waiting staff worked their littler socks off to keep us all fed and watered.  A great deal of thanks must got to Jim and May Weatherston for organising the event. Well done, both of you. You did us proud again.

The club meal is always a very special evening. It’s one of the few occasions during the year that we have the opportunity to get together socially (nae raffles or ‘Fair, Fair Braws to contend with), and for the members to invite their friends and families along to enjoy the warmth and conviviality that Nitten Folk Club offers.

Once again, broad smiles were everywhere to be seen as people chattered excitedly to old friends and new – and of course there was, inevitably, the music. As has become traditional, we finished the evening with a real old fashioned singalong with contributions from just about everyone present (sometimes with much cajoling from ‘Chairman Charlie’ who also ‘kept the scores’ (???)

A grand way to spend a cold November evening and many thanks to all who attended.

The Committee