Theme Nights

Every month we invite our members and visitors to perform a song or poem based on a particular theme.

It's not compulsory, of course, but we have found that having to come up with something has produced some novel and extremely imaginative choices.


19th Jan - Burns Night

A celebration of the life and works of Scotland’s National Bard. We invite you to sing a song, recite a poem or tell a story relating to the great man. It’s less formal than a full-blown ‘Burns Supper’ but just as much fun – and we have Haggis.

16th Feb - Brief Encounter

To celebrate Valentines Day (or as close as we could manage) we invite you to sing your favourite songs of love and romance. Be a s soppy and cheesy as you like – as long as you’re loving it.

16th March - A Bit o' Blarney

The Emerald Isle has given us some truly beautiful songs. Romance, comedy and the almost inevitable fighting – Irish music has it all.  Come along and sing us some of your favourite songs of ‘Ould Ireland’. 

20th April - Swinging 60's

They say if you can remember it then you weren’t there. The 1960’s was, unquestionably, a golden era for music. Come along and share your memories of that amazing decade – in song or spoken word.

18th May - MUst Have a Chorus

“All Together Now”. There’s really  nothing like singing along with the chorus of a wonderful song. We’d like you to come along and cajole the audience into singing along in good old rousing fashion. 

15th JUne - Travelling Folk

The travelling community have given us some truly beautiful songs and tunes in their history. We’d like all you Wayfarin’ Strangers to join us and sing us your favourite songs of the road.

20th July - Short Songs Marathon

Here’s a challenge for you. How many songs can we pack into one evening? The secret, of course, is to keep the songs as short as possible – this applies to your intros as well. Let’s see if we can set a record.

17th Aug - Days. Months. Years

Ruby Tuesday, Cauld Februar, Louisiana 1927. You get the idea? We’re looking for you to sing songs that contain a reference to the passage of time. There are loads out there so let’s hear some of your favourites

21st Sept - Songs of the Sea

The sea and the men and women who work it has always been a rich treasury of music and poetry. Everyone knows at least a few great songs of the sea. Come along and let’s hear your favourites.

19th Oct - Duets Night

Always a popular evening. We invite you to get together with a friend and sing a duet with them. Whether you’re a Garfunkel, and Everly or a Corrie you’ll be able to find something to entertain us.

16th Nov - Make Us Laugh

Are you game for a laugh? Come along and let’s hear you tickle our funny bones with a comical song, poem or story.  This is always a popular evening so make sure you don’t miss it.

14th December - AGM & Christmas Party

We round off the year with our annual AGM, followed by our Christmas party, with music, food, a quiz and a special visit from a familiar white bearded gentleman. 

See You On Thursday!