Guest Nights

We feature a guest artist on the first Thursday of each month (excluding July & August).

Show starts at 8:30 pm.

Ticket Prices – Members: £5.00. Non-members: £8.00.

Guests Appearing in 2023

6th April 2023


Next month we welcome the amazingly versatile ‘Hoolet’ to the Nitten stage, featuring traditional balladeer Maggie Dewar, classically trained violinist Helen Ross and guitar virtuoso Ronnie Miller. There’s a real buzz about this talented trio right now – although they all come for very different musical backgrounds they have forged a distinct musical identity, combining traditional folk with classical compositions and Ronnie’s stunning original songs. Make sure you don’t miss this show

4th May 2023

Anthony John Clarke

An erudite and charming man, Anthony provides entertainment of the highest quality. He is hailed as one of the countries leading singer - songwriters and this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night. Make sure you're there.

1st June 2023

Jez Lowe

Jez is an enchanting performer with an engaging North-Eastern wit. His songs are mainly written in a traditional style, accompanied on guitar, cittern and harmonica. He has built an enviable reputation as a songwriter and performer. Not to be missed.

7th September 2023

George Machray

A fine singer / songwriter from the picturesque village of Port Seton, George writes wonderful observational songs, both humorous and serious, about the people and places around him. Definitely one to add to the diary.

5th October 2023

Kenny Spiers

Kenny Speirs is a legend of the Folk scene. His songs and voice resonate from the Scottish Borders and beyond across the folk music world. A genuine master of his craft. Don't miss him.

2nd November 2023

Coaltown Daisies

Original folk, soul and Americana music from two of Scotland's liveliest and most dynamic performers. A fabulous evening is guaranteed so come along and join the fun.

7th December 2023

Jim and Susie Malcolm

We are delighted to welcome Jim Malcolm, this time as a duo with his wife Susie, back to the Nitten stage. Pure, warm Scottish folk voices you can never tire of listening to. Don't miss it.

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Performing at Nitten Folk Club

Our guest nights are held at 8:30pm on the first Thursday of each month (excluding July and August). Usually it's two 45 minute spots. Each spot is preceded by 2 or 3 'floor spots' from audience members and a raffle is held in the interval..

Everything you need is here

P.A. is provided (unless you particularly want to bring your own) and our resident sound man is on hand to ensure that you sound your very best. We have an excellent state of the art digital P.A. system and all mics, stands, cables, etc. are available.