Kenny Spiers at Nitten Folk Club

Incredibly, it’s been over five years since Kenny last visited the club, then as part of the hugely successful Real Time. This time around he was flying solo but, even just armed with his guitar and an impressive back catalogue of great songs, he is a classy performer. Kicking things off with ‘The Bonny, Bonny Broom’ he led us through an enchanting collection of original songs and folk classics. His genial personality shines through as he intersperses the music with tales, sometimes humorous, often moving, of his adventures ‘on the road’ – a road on which he has spent many a year and of which, therefore, has many a tale to share.

The audience needed no invitation as they sang along to ‘Braw Sailing On the Sea’, ‘Back to Berwick Johnnie’ and many more. The borders are Kenny’s homeland and his deeply felt love for that beautiful part of Scotland is always evident. ‘When I Get to the Border’ and ‘Back to the Borders’ are truly evocative of those rolling hills and flowing rivers. It’s not easy to paint vivid pictures within a song but Kenny has that gift – you can almost see the landscape unfolding as he sings.


Featured in his show were a number of songs from his most recent album ‘New Dawn Breaking’, including a tender interpretation of the beautiful Violet Jacob poem ‘Norlan’ Winds’ (music, of course by Jim Reid) and ‘Vow of Silence’, a paean to those quieter times before the world was subjected to wall-to-wall sounds from ubiquitous mobile devices of every shape and form (including an amusing recollection of the puzzled reaction he was met with when introducing a ‘CD’ to one of his young grandchildren).

Kenny closed the shoe with the gentle ‘I Don’t Need Anything More’ from his excellent ‘Sleepwalking’ album. Then it was all over once again. Hopefully we won’t have to wait five years before we welcome him back to the Nitten stage. A consummate performer, a superb songwriter and a genuinely nice bloke – thanks for another fabulous evening.


The customary excellent spots were provided by Ronnie (who also handled the sound), Janis & May, Ian Duncan and Jim Weatherston. Every artist who comes to the club is impressed by the quality of our home grown talent. The raffle was, as ever, a great success and keeps the Nitten coffers in a healthy state. Many thanks to those who contributed prizes – your generosity is much appreciated. Ian and Janis handled the raffle, once again, and Gillian, as ever, dished out the prizes to the lucky winners. 


On 2nd November we will be welcoming the fabulous ‘Coaltown Daisies’. Vivienne Bern and Lynzy Moutter are a duo of singer songwriters who write and perform dynamic folk, soul and Americana music. They have a wealth of experience as performers and are renowned for their highly engaging live performances and steady professionalism which has resulted in them performing at sought after venues and festivals all over the country. This promises to be a cracking show and you definitely won’t want to miss it. See you then.


The Committee.